API Development Portal and Community Update

 In API Development Portal

NASCO is finalizing its API developer portal that will enable self-service discovery of current NASCO digital solutions and soon to be delivered digital capabilities.

By taking an “outside-in” approach to the design of the portal, we have ensured alignment with our partners’ member journey models and enabled self-service discovery and events directly relevant to the business problem they are solving, without switching between NASCO’s internal system areas.

Before portal users ever see technical details, the portal structure will guide users through NASCO’s product descriptions and digital capabilities, provide sample business use cases, and API consumer documentation. The portal will be a strategic facilitator for plan and partner engagement with NASCO and its solutions.

Look for announcements about the availability of a Beta portal and the production API Developer Portal late summer.

In the coming weeks, we plan to extend the developer portal concept with the introduction of the API Community, which will be a managed hub for digital technology and supporting information sharing across Blue plans and partner organizations.

As Blue plans implement local components to improve their business, they can post templates, design artifacts, and even source code available to the community for the benefit of other Blue plans.

For more information on the API Portal and Community, reach out to Andrew Verboncoeur, Director, Digital and Integration.