John Ladaga

President and Chief Executive Officer

At NASCO’s helm is John Ladaga, whose vision for the company to be the premier shared-services, product-based company serving the Blues is reflected in the positive results NASCO continues to achieve.

John is responsible for setting the business strategy and direction for NASCO and its more than 700 associates. Since his arrival in late 2006, John has helped NASCO gain new Owner Plans and grow the number of members processed by NASCO by more than 150 percent, and the company remains on a growth trajectory that is set to continue through 2020.

Under John’s leadership, NASCO has developed strategic products and professional services while diversifying its portfolio to include Individual, Exchange, Small Group and Medicare Advantage to the already robust portfolio that included Large Group, National and Host business. John has also been instrumental in developing strategic alliances with some of NASCO’s valued business partners to provide the company’s Blue Plan customers with a comprehensive solution under a single NASCO agreement.

John is leading NASCO into the future of healthcare by strategically calculating changes to NASCO’s system and operations to ensure that the company and its Plan customers are prepared for the evolving changes within the industry.

Prior to joining NASCO, John worked for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for 21 years. He spent his first 12 years in various leadership positions within the EDS healthcare unit and the remaining nine years in senior-level leadership roles, including Vice President of Service Delivery – Americas division and President of the Latin America division.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Old Dominion University, has completed professional development programs at Thunderbird University and attended the Executive Development program at London Business School. John currently resides in the Atlanta area with his wife and three children.