Covid-19 Preparedness Continues

 In COVID-19

While we as a nation are making great progress in getting vaccinated and lowering COVID-19 infections, our team members and business partners in India, along with their family members, friends and coworkers, are experiencing a devastating surge in the number of COVID-19 cases.

NASCO has very strong connections to India, and we, as well as our business partners, are actively monitoring the status of all of our India-based team members and their families to ensure their safety and well-being. The health and welfare of our associates, customers and business partners are our top priorities; however, ensuring business continuity and access to care during this unprecedented global crisis also remains crucial.

Our India-based workforce is fully equipped to work from home, and, at this time, we have not experienced any impacts to our business operations or in servicing our customers. We will continue to work with our team and our business partners to ensure that no disruptions in service occur. Whether we are conducting business locally or abroad, NASCO’s workforce will continue to provide unwavering support for our Blue plan customers.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of India and our team members and their families who are dealing with this global health emergency. NASCO and our associates have made donations to United Way India to assist in their efforts to provide oxygen supplies and medical equipment to hospitals — like ventilators, beds, BiPAP machines, etc. — to provide food to those who have lost their source of income and to facilitate vaccinations, especially among low-income communities.

If you would like to donate, click on the United Way India icon below. It is important to note that 95 percent of all donations to United Way India provide direct relief to the most vulnerable populations in India.

United Way Link