What NASCO is Doing about Covid-19

In these challenging times, NASCO is acutely aware of the impacts that COVID-19 has placed on our Blue Cross and Blue Shield family and the members, providers and communities you serve. NASCO’s top priority is the health and welfare of our associates, customers and business partners, and you are foremost on our minds as we make decisions and respond to this unprecedented global crisis.

NASCO maintains a HITRUST-certified business continuity program, and we have been and continue to be prepared to engage the tools, processes and people necessary to support COVID-19. We have fully implemented our contingency plans for all of our operations, made additional resources available to support our customers, and have found and will continue to find innovative ways to proactively address the healthcare technology needs associated with COVID-19.

As we evaluate and adapt to best address emergent situations, we will provide frequent updates to this page. We stand strong by our Blue Cross and Blue Shield family. We will get through this together!


John Ladaga
President and CEO


We Stand by Blue

NASCO’s workforce prior to COVID-19 was 70 percent remote and 30 percent onsite.  While not all organizations are equipped to address work from home (WFH) capabilities at mass scale on short notice, NASCO was well prepared. As of March 19, NASCO is 100 percent remote. All of our associates have the equipment and access they need to support our customers, including solutions for video and [...]

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Ready To Co-Create The Future of Healthcare?

NASCO is continually innovating. We are developing new products, improving capabilities and increasing sharable services to ensure that our health plan customers remain competitive and aligned with changing market demands.