Enabling Rapid Deployment of Telehealth Services

 In Customer Success

One of the most apparent shifts we’ve seen during this global pandemic is how COVID-19 is spurring a significant increase in telehealth services, requiring payers and providers to adapt quickly to this new model of care.

Health plans have had to accommodate new places of service, waive cost-share and prior authorization requirements as well as office evaluation management services based on certain diagnoses.

For BeneFACTSM-enabled health plans, this transition was quick and easy! NASCO’s Benefits Solutions team coded new logic within a few days and quickly created multiple benefit product offerings across a variety of complex benefit scenarios to support operational enablement and increase access to care for patients. For Blue payers using a different set of benefits management products, this effort would have taken weeks to complete.

The demand for telemedicine and virtual care services is continuing to rise. If you need help addressing the expansion of telehealth or other services to accommodate Jan. 1 renewals, contact Donna Christian, NASCO’s Director of Benefits Solutions, and we will deploy a team to help you meet your goals quickly and effectively.