Growth and Support of Telehealth

 In Customer Success

The demand for telehealth services has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Forrester, less than 25 percent of U.S. healthcare organizations have a virtual care/telehealth program in place. While the need for remote care will not be as acute once the COVID-19 crisis subsides, the demand for telehealth services is forecasted to remain high.

Forrester now expects more than one billion virtual care visits this year, the vast majority of them related to COVID-19.

To address the expansion of telehealth services, our product strategy teams recently proposed adding a unique telehealth Place of Service identifier to NPS claims. The new identifier would enable plans to better monitor the growth of telehealth services as the industry expands into additional healthcare offerings in this space.

NASCO’s Claims and Benefits Portfolio council reviewed the capability enhancement and the majority of the plan stakeholders indicated the capability would be a high priority for their teams, and a high-value enhancement for inclusion on the 2021 claims roadmap.

For more information, or to learn more about telehealth enablement, contact Tom Russell, Product Owner Director.