NASCO Provides Access to Healthtech Startups to Fight COVID-19

 In Healthcare Startups

In the midst of uncertainty during the COVID-19 crisis, NASCO is committed to support our Blue plan partners as the situation evolves. NASCO is fully staffed and 100 percent remote to meet Blue plan needs. In addition, our system availability and support hours remain unchanged.

NASCO has been meeting with our digital, provider, member, claims, consumerism and government portfolio councils on an ad-hoc basis to discuss best practices and solutions for addressing COVID-19 from an operational and administrative perspective.

We are also pleased to share that through our partnership with Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), there are a number of companies that our Blue plan customers may be able to leverage in support of your members.

The ATDC is already proving to be a key incubator of new ideas that will enable change in healthcare, especially now as we face this healthcare crisis. Below is an abbreviated list of the ATDC startup companies that have viable ideas to support COVID-19.

  • Coordinated Care, Inc. – Working with urban hospitals on capacity issues by moving stable, non-affected patients to rural hospitals for post-acute care to enable greater care capacity in highly-populated areas for those affected by COVID-19.
  • Grassroots Labs –Working on a home test kit option that it hopes to be making public soon.
  • Physician 360 – Working on direct solutions for mitigating, managing and treating COVID-19. Physician 360 offers on-demand video chat with doctors for acute illness, like strep and flu. In addition to the on-demand video chat, Physician 360 has a network of 700+ independent pharmacies throughout the country that the company uses to deliver medications and test kits to patients’ homes. Now, using real-time epidemiological data and standard of care guidelines from the CDC, the company’s network of physicians across 48 states are already offering consultations for COVID-19 screening. For those that screen positive, in the coming weeks, Physician 360 will be able to offer at-home sample collection and testing, so that patients can get accurately diagnosed without having to be kept in quarantine at the ER and without even leaving their couch and exposing others to contagion.   
  • Rimidi – Developed a FHIR-enabled COVID-19 screening app ( This app is being offered for free to healthcare systems and clients, and the company is expediting approval through the EMR platforms.
  • Surefhir – Developing a COVID-19 exposure tracker tool that works in real time to identify clinicians with the highest risk of infection based on their total involvement with COVID-19 patients. This tool will be available on the Epic App Orchard.
  • Voiceworx – Launching Corona Virus Assistant using the company’s platform. The Corona Virus Assistant will help users get accurate information, guidance and metrics about COVID-19.

NASCO remains committed to supporting our Blue plan partners as we tackle these uncertain times together. If you have any questions or would like additional information on any of these startup companies, and you are a current NASCO plan partner, you may visit NASCO Central for a complete ATDC company guide. In addition, you may also contact David Weeks or Berkley Baker for more information.