Journey Mapping: Turning Pain Points into Tipping Points

 In Member Experience

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, it is more important than ever to engage with your customers more deeply — exploring customer journey mappings and building empathy for users and customers alike — so that improved experiences become the fabric of your business strategy.

Outside-in thinking requires you to look at your business from the perspective of your customers and to make decisions based on what is in their best interests. You must immerse yourself in understanding their experiences and uncovering the highs and lows of those experiences in order to deeply explore and comprehend their journey. By starting with people instead of products and services, you change the conversation and are able to provide valuable and innovative solutions for your customers.

Outside-in thinking is a different and elevated way of collaborating, and NASCO’s Product Strategy team is pivoting on this profound understanding of the customer journey so we can collaboratively create game-changing solutions for the issues that matter the most to our customers and their members.

In a recent collaborative exercise with one of our valued plan partners, the team developed a customer journey map, using relevant scenarios, which were based on customer personas that emulated the plan’s population, and identified pain points for each persona. The team used this insight to identify digital assets that could be leveraged to alleviate the identified pain points.

Collaboration. Co-creation. Innovation. NASCO works side by side with our customers to improve healthcare experiences wherever we can. Contact Jose Perdomo, NASCO’s Digital Product Owner, to team up for a collaborative journey mapping session with your plan.