Accurate and Consistent Benefit Accumulation Information

AccumConnectSM is an extensible NASCO product that provides accurate and consistent benefit accumulation information to all applicable NASCO and health plan systems. AccumConnect enhances the current Deductible Maximum functionality and provides the benefit accumulations for NASCO’s customer servicing applications, such as NCompassSM.

In addition to providing benefit accumulations within NASCO’s customer servicing applications, AccumConnect offers health plans a way to systematically integrate their applications via services. AccumConnect also provides batch reporting options such as benefit totals, max-exceeds and out-of-balance comparison reporting for accumulators.

AccumConnect’s tight integration with existing NASCO applications — and its capability for integration with local health plan systems — offers payers the ability to capture and configure benefits not only for claims adjudication purposes but also for reporting benefit accumulations. The reporting is centralized and reduces overall benefit reporting maintenance.

In addition to providing the ability to report benefit accumulations in a consistent and standard format, this end-to-end integrated product provides flexible adoption paths and optional features.

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