Gain Flexibility & Reduce Costs

NASCO’s Medicare Advantage offering provides healthcare payers with the flexibility to configure a commercial claims processing environment to meet the compliance and business needs of a Medicare Advantage Plan. NASCO’s Medicare Advantage offering runs in a shared environment, providing health plans with the ability to reduce costs and benefit from the experience and knowledge of other healthcare payers participating in the shared environment. 

NASCO and our health plan customers meet weekly — or as needed — to review CMS direction and system impacts regarding all aspects of the Medicare Advantage program, which allows health plans to have an open dialogue on the interpretation of compliance and the identification of system requirements.

NASCO processes Medicare Advantage claims and, through our partnership with Visiant, we offer a Medicare Advantage enrollment solution that meets the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) enrollment processing requirements. We can address and comply with government requirements for processing Medicare Advantage claims and enrolling members on a combined commercial/government platform. We eliminate a health plan’s need for duplicate investments to maintain multiple systems for multiple healthcare programs through the use of a single integrated system with stable and proven applications, integration feeds, processes, services, change management and governance structures.

how we can help your plan today?

NASCO is continually innovating. We are developing new products, improving capabilities and increasing sharable services to ensure that our health plan customers remain competitive and aligned with changing market demands.