The rapid evolution of the healthcare industry has increased the demand for solutions that optimize business processes and lower costs.

MembersEdge® is NASCO’s comprehensive membership and billing solution that simplifies the servicing of large group, small group and individual accounts — as well as government-funded programs — through process improvement and automation. MembersEdge provides healthcare payers with enrollment and billing capabilities that are designed to enable agility in meeting ever-changing market demands.

MembersEdge supports and automates a variety of health plan business processing options, such as ASO/ASC, premium and direct-pay billing capabilities. The product is also uniquely designed to facilitate and support healthcare innovation and member-level benefit offerings.

MembersEdge simplifies and automates enrollment and billing processes and offers easy access to customer service information through user-friendly interfaces and integrated Web services. MembersEdge supports enrollment, billing, payment, reconciliation, financial reporting and claims eligibility integration. It also supports HIPAA-compliant transactions and gives our health plan customers added flexibility to adapt quickly to mandates and changes in the business environment. MembersEdge provides customizable and fully automated billing capabilities that include benefit and payment arrangement options as well as invoice consolidation. The product’s comprehensive features ensure that health plans maintain a competitive edge in their marketplace. 

MembersEdge is a real-time, market-driven membership and billing product that was built in collaboration with — and leveraged by — several healthcare payers. This product can be customized for specific needs and easily integrated with other applications to enhance the member experience and/or support downstream processes. MembersEdge features standard and custom business and operational reporting, real-time updates and an intuitive Web interface.

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NASCO is continually innovating. We are developing new products, improving capabilities and increasing sharable services to ensure that our health plan customers remain competitive and aligned with changing market demands.