Improve Your Customer Service Experience

Over the past few years, consumerism has continued to influence healthcare in a big way, and payers continue to seek cost-competitive and effective means to engage and serve their members. For health plans to grow and protect their market share in a consumer-centric world, they must enhance their member experience to ensure that members’ needs are being met and any issues are handled quickly, consistently and accurately.   

NCompassSM is NASCO’s customer servicing product that provides healthcare payers with the ability to improve the customer service experience through higher first call resolution rates, reduced call handle times and increased contact center productivity. This business process-oriented servicing application provides an automated workflow, full member information access and multichannel communications, such as chat, instant messaging and text, to manage customer interactions across multiple member and provider touchpoints.

NCompass is configured based on the Pega Customer Service for Healthcare (Pega CSHC) solution framework. Pega CSHC provides industry-leading customer service and healthcare best practices, modern user interfaces and a consolidated view of information, including a robust 360-degree member view. NCompass provides a solution that can be quickly implemented, yet is flexible and highly configurable to meet a health plan’s specific needs.

NCompass provides health plans with a robust catalog of core and enhanced customer service capabilities to service members and providers across multiple touchpoints. These member and provider interactions are enhanced through the support of guided and intelligent decision-making prompts — all within one product. With NCompass, Customer Service Representatives can quickly access information, spending less time searching for information in multiple systems and more time assessing and understanding a caller’s needs. Healthcare payers can improve the customer service experience through reduced call handle times, higher first call resolution rates and increased contact center productivity.

NCompass offers advanced customer relationship management solutions with maximum speed-to-market delivery of key capabilities through an agile delivery approach and an integrated delivery model. Key components are the service-oriented, architecture-based services and a common information model for the servicing domain. These features promote the leveragability of the integration assets to NCompass for access to data, such as member information, claims, benefits and accumulations in a multitenant environment, while also providing flexibility for payer-specific needs.

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NASCO is continually innovating. We are developing new products, improving capabilities and increasing sharable services to ensure that our health plan customers remain competitive and aligned with changing market demands.