Enhance Benefit Maintenance and Delivery

With our benefit domain expertise, payers deliver high-quality benefits that meet market demands.

Healthcare payers need to keep operations running smoothly to effectively serve their members and providers. Central to this smooth operation is accurate and timely delivery of benefits. The role that benefit administrators perform to deliver benefits in this manner requires extensive benefits, systems and functional knowledge.

Benefit Solutions improves operational performance and lowers costs for healthcare payers by delivering accurate and timely benefits that meet market demands.

We provide expert resources that easily integrate into a payer’s business to support their benefits-related needs. Whether during day-to-day benefits administration, peak times, staffing shortages or to complement resource strategies in order to support growth, we assist payers in performing benefit functions and tasks at an extremely high quality.

NASCO’s Benefit Solutions team has extensive functional knowledge of the NASCO Processing System (NPS) and non-NASCO healthcare payer systems, environments and third-party vendor products, and applies that knowledge and expertise to build and maintain a payer’s benefits offerings.

To deliver high-quality benefit services, we follow best practice standards and processes for all files, tools and applications. We maintain a pool of committed, qualified and experienced resources and work with established products, mature tools and repeatable processes. Our reputation for being leaders and subject matter experts in benefit design, coding and testing makes us a trusted partner for many of the nation’s largest healthcare payers.

Alternative options simply cannot match the effectiveness of NASCO’s Benefit Solutions when it comes to delivery accurate benefits that meet market demands.

supported products & solutions

NPS/Claims, BeneFACTSM, AccumConnectSM.

Claims products, Benefit management and administration products, Capitated products, Security Configurations.

Benefit Administration and Configuration Services

  • Benefit product design
  • Benefit product creation and management

Benefit Audit and Research Services

  • Claims adjudication and benefits processing investigative services
  • Claims adjudication and benefits processing optimization

Benefit Advisory Services

  • Implementation strategy assessment for future benefit product offerings

Our Purpose

    • Optimize Technology
    • Lower Operating Costs
    • Enhance Resource Productivity
    • Increase Member Satisfaction, Engagement, Growth & Retention
    • Enable Revenue Growth
    • Exceed Performance Metrics
    • Improve System Performance
    • Increase Speed to Market for Payer Products

how we can help your plan today?

Benefit Solutions ensures the success of healthcare payers and helps them achieve results that strengthen their position in their markets.

Find out how we can help your plan today. Contact us to learn more about our Benefit Solutions — the value we deliver to our partners and the benefits they receive by working with us.