Elevate System Delivery, Performance and Service Quality

We ensure payer systems deliver and perform and are always available to support members — providing a seamless and exceptional member experience.

Effective use of software applications and IT systems are critical to maintaining a payer’s market position. Efficient use of systems helps payers control and reduce costs and increase member satisfaction. 

Steady State Solutions ensure payers meet their business goals and member needs by providing essential support to ensure optimal system delivery and continuous operational performance improvement.

We are a dedicated group of system experts available at any time to assist with any system, delivery or operational performance need.

Steady State Solutions focuses on system delivery and operational performance of a payer’s business and provides expertise in key areas, such as system maintenance, production support, account implementation and renewals and enhancement management. These activities allow payers to serve their members more quickly and effectively. Account implementations, for instance, can quickly alter members’ perceptions of a payer. So can a lag in many system-dependent customer-facing areas. It only takes one bad experience to ruin a lifetime of loyalty.

A member’s experience should always be seamless and exceptional. We help ensure it is.

We provide production support, which is key to risk mitigation for payers (lack of workforce doing jobs, custom-provider abrasion systems down… Our use of accepted industry standards and best practices ensures reduced downtime and prompt responses to issues, resulting in limited impact to operational areas, critical performance metrics and member experience. In the changing market environment, having the right system enhancement at the right time is critical to maintain a payer’s competitive advantage.

We have extensive functional knowledge of the NASCO Processing System (NPS) and non-NASCO healthcare payer systems, environments and third-party payer products, and we apply that knowledge and expertise to help achieve higher levels of system and operational performance for payers.

Alternative options simply cannot match the effectiveness of NASCO’s Steady State Solutions when it comes to enhancing payer systems and ensuring optimal delivery.

supported products & solutions

NASCO Processing System/Claims, MembersEdge®, BeneFACTSM, NCompassSM, Navigator for ClaimsSM, Provider Management and Reimbursement (PMR), NASCO Payment Engine (NPE), AccumConnectSM.

Claims products, Claims Editing & Auditing solutions, Membership & Billing products, Pricing products, Provider Reimbursement products, Utilization Review and Management solutions, Capitated products, HIPAA & EDI Standards, Inter-Plan Teleprocessing Services (ITS), PBM Integration, Medical Policy & Administration, Security Configurations, Federal & State Mandates.

Production Support Services

  • Daily checkouts
  • Infrastructure change support
  • Defect coordination
  • File management/balancing
  • Situational ad hoc reporting

Enhancement and System Change Management Services

  • Change intake process
  • System change portfolio management
  • Business requirements support

Account Implementation and Renewal Services

  • Group and member setup
  • Open enrollment support
  • Group-specific interface integration

System Maintenance Support Services

  • Support payer system configuration

Our Purpose

    • Optimize Technology
    • Lower Operating Costs
    • Enhance Resource Productivity
    • Increase Member Satisfaction, Engagement, Growth & Retention
    • Enable Revenue Growth
    • Exceed Performance Metrics
    • Improve System Performance
    • Increase Speed to Market for Payer Products

how we can help your plan today?

Steady State Solutions ensures the success of healthcare payers and provides them with the competitive edge they need in today’s market.

Find out how we can help your plan today. Contact us to learn more about our Steady State Solutions — the value we deliver to our partners and the benefits they receive by working with us.