NASCO is a community of forward-thinking health plans, leading technology providers and expert talent, and we are constantly looking ahead to identify new technologies, ideas and initiatives that will help the Blues be more competitive. Below are some insights from NASCO’s co-creation community.

Honoring NASCO’s 35th Anniversary

Looking back, 1987 may seem like a simpler time — a time before the world knew what the internet was or what a smartphone could do. On the basement floor of a modest brick building in Sandy Springs, Georgia NASCO began with a simple idea — a desire to help the Blues build a better […]

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Embracing New Mindsets and Behaviors for Customer Success

Four years ago, NASCO began implementing NCompassSM, our customer servicing product, at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) to replace the plan’s existing CRM system. The initial phase of the implementation focused on providing service to BCBSMA’s members, and, its completion, while eventually successful, left several opportunities for improvement. Learning from their [...]

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Flipping Healthcare IT on Its Head

It’s no longer just about figuring out how to make the technology work — it’s about figuring out what the people who use the technology need. You call to schedule an appointment with your physician; you receive an email from your healthcare insurer; your explanation of benefits arrives in the mail; you reach out to […]

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Ready To Co-Create The Future of Healthcare?

NASCO is continually innovating. We are developing new products, improving capabilities and increasing sharable services to ensure that our health plan customers remain competitive and aligned with changing market demands.