One Product. Two Worlds.

 In ProviderOne

With our groundbreaking ProviderOne solution, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds in one ‘sweet’ suite. That’s right, ProviderOne is powered by the Salesforce Health Cloud and is natively integrated with NASCO and Salesforce tools and applications—offering an all-inclusive and flexible way for Blue plans to manage provider relationships and data.

Collaboration partners will be announced in Q1 2021, and these Blue plans will immediately gain enhanced capabilities in the following areas:

  • Provider Demographics Management
  • Provider Network Management
  • Provider Reimbursement Management
  • Provider Enrollment, Credentialing, and Onboarding
  • NASCO and Salesforce Native Integration

Don’t waste the opportunity—collaborate with your Blues family and digitally transform the way you manage provider business together. The path to reducing cost, improving quality, and advancing care begins and ends with ProviderOne.

Key benefits:

  • Centralized provider data to improve transparency, quality, and customer experiences
  • Easily recruit with tools, scripts, and data sets to segment and contact providers
  • Quickly recruit, credential, contract, and onboard with precision and automate re-certifications
  • Reduce cost and time of service with digital self-service tools
  • Out-of-the-box integration with NASCO and Salesforce applications, Blue directories, Association data, and other third-party systems expedites implementation time and service

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